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Michiel Muyres (1986) started at the art university of Maastricht in 2008. During his study, it was hard to agree with opinions, thoughts, and philosophies of the teachers. He loved the autonomically approach of creating art or designs but wondered how autonomically it really is when teachers try to influence and motivate to produce art that fits in their vision. He started to wonder if there is a path to follow when creating art? Michiel believed there are no rules when it comes to art, there is no formula that will assure great artworks or success in the art world.

“Art has no function or task in a social, moral, or intellectual way. The task of an artist in society consists only of keeping the feeling of being human alive.”

– Lucio Fontana

Armed with his provocative slogan ‘’Good designs don’t need a story’’ and inspired by minimalism Michiel started painting. In his book, it is all about the arrangement of shapes and colors in order to make an interesting composition. As an artist, you could do this with cityscapes, landscapes, people, etc.  Michiel best worked with different colored stripes. By adding them randomly on canvas another aspect appeared, the stripes influenced your perception. It looked as if the canvas was crooked, this optical illusion resulted in the creation of shaped canvases. The canvas that first only was used to compose shapes in a composition became the shape that was organized in his studio at the art university.

For his graduation, he continued using rooms as a canvas in which he placed shapes; colored wooden beams, an iron triangle and tape in order to influence the perception of the space around you. The philosophy behind these shapes was that you could place them in any room you want. You could take them out of the room or ‘canvas’ and place them somewhere else.

After his graduation in 2012, he decided to select colors out of master paintings. Using color information from artworks that where an inspiration could lead to interesting new designs he believed. The DNA of a masterpiece series where born. Thanks to a lack of working space he got back to working on canvas but continued to be annoyed by the borders of a canvas. Even when using canvases sized 200 cm x 150 cm you still had just a work.

Again new questions started to arise. How could you design something that could be repeated endlessly without that you need a lot of space? In 2016 a work of Michiel Muyres was selected for an exposition in the marvelous and exclusive Gilcrest Drive district in Beverly Hills. Displayed in a magnificent mansion as a part of the interior, things started to fall in place. The idea of creating wallpapers was born.

With Wallpapers he is able to change your living and working environment, thereby giving you a way to finish what you set up to do: an office that inspires you to focus and concentrate, a hotel room that gives you a certain peace of mind and a home that you can come back to at the end of the day.